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Software for live music agencies

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web based, no software to install or update

Create bookings
quickly and easily

Instant contracts
invoices and reports

Share contacts
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Client logins
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Email documents
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Loved by band agencies worldwide

"With busy travel schedules, this online software has allowed us increased flexibility to more personably conduct business from outside the office while keeping important contacts, calendars and contracts in one easy place to access from anywhere in the world at anytime. I highly recommend Overture to your booking or management company."

Crescendo Artists

Bryan Lipman

"Overture has transformed my business. It saves time and resources across the board as everything is in one place. More importantly, having three offices is no longer an issue - because it's web based we are now all working with the same database and information, which means there is less room for error. It's a revelation and I would never be without it."

Barry Amphlett

Fresh Management

Custom Contracts & Riders

We'll help you set up bespoke templates so the documents Overture produces for you are identical to your current ones - faster to put them together and get them sent!

Location search

Ever needed to keep track of radius clauses? Overture will monitor where and when your artists have performed and alert you when necessary.


Your artists can log into Overture to see their schedules or sync with the calendar on their phone. You can also quickly and easily publish itineraries to send to them.

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