I have recently been asked by a new Overture customer of any integrations or features that it would be good to know about. It got me writing a huge email about all the features that they might find interesting to look at and possibly use themselves.

It showed just how much Overture can do and how easily that can be passed over or be overwhelming to new users. As a team we have been discussing creating an Udemy course which we may well do at some time in the future but for now I wanted to list the links to the blog posts that I thought this customer might find useful.


Our integration with Stripe makes it much easier to take credit card payments, it links seamlessly with the Overture invoicing and log payment features so that your figures and payment statuses are kept up to date. Take a look at setting Stripe up via the overture settings and read the blog post below if you are interested.



This integration makes it easy to store and back up all of the documents Overture produces. Your documents are always available in Overture but it’s a good idea to have a shared backup. Once connected Overture adds a folder to your shared Dropbox that automatically syncs all your documents it will even register changes to documents made locally and sync them to your Overture account. Check out this blog post for instructions.



Overture integrates seamlessly with the Hellosign API so that you can send out your contracts for electronic signatures. There are 2 options detailed in the linked blog post. We have a much more integrated version coming soon which should help to bring the price down for many of our customers.


Campaign Monitor

With this integration in Overture you can use the search filters within the contacts tab to create Campaign Monitor Segments and then send them directly from within the Overture UI. This allows you to not only manage your Campaigns but keeps you using Campaign Monitor in the most efficient way possible. You can then digest some of the data on your Campaigns in the Overture report.

SMTP and OAuth

This is something that all customers should definitely setup so that messages can be sent directly from the Overture outbox using your own email server saving a lot of time and preventing messages getting caught in spam filters. We have a direct integration with Google via OAuth for Gmail and GSuite users, or you can simply add your email servers SMTP details per user.

Web form API

Overture also has an API that allows you to send booking and contact information from your website to create bookings and contacts in Overture. The beauty of this approach is that it allows complete customisation on your side so you can make the web form send any data that you like and can customise your form to fit your site exactly. More information to pass on to your web developers can be found here.



Overture also integrates with Flight Aware. Simply add the Event type ‘Flight’ to your account so that when adding a calendar event for a flight all you have to do is put the Flight number in and Overture brings over all the flight details.


Artist Media Pages

Overture allows you to create media pages for artists that can then be made public containing Soundcloud files, YouTube videos, High-Res Images, Documents and Links.


Web Feeds

There is a JSON feed of the media page information that some Overture users take to populate information and images on their company website. Please contact support if you think this would be useful and we can help you to find the correct URL for the feed.

Further to that there are JSON feeds that contain Artist Booking information that many agencies use on their websites. You can find these feeds on your Artist Further Information pages.

A couple more things …


All users should definitely consider increasing their login security with the options to be found in your Overture Settings – Login Security.

There is a blog post on setting up 2FA here


There are many, many more features that are specific to each of the different agency types and one of the best features of Overture is its flexibility. We always setup Overture to suit each agency during on-boarding but if you would like a review or have any questions please leave a comment or contact Support.