We have just launched some very useful improvements to your Further Information Sections, included on your bookings and events. Read the blog post below and watch the video to get a good idea of how these improvements work.

This update includes:

  • Drag and drop further information fields
  • Further information groups with titles
  • Choose an icon to represent groups
  • Available on bookings, calendar events and contacts

Drag and drop

This allows you to quickly adjust the layout of your further information fields. It’s simple to manage by firstly selecting edit (clicking on the pencil icon), then hover over the item you wish to move and when you see the cross marker pick up the item and drag it to the new position. You will see the drop zone visible indicating where the item will end up, then drop. You can even drag and drop the new titles into any location you like.

Group titles with icons

Over in the settings there are a few more customisation options now available in the ‘Default further information fields’ section at the bottom of Settings > Bookings and also at the bottom of Settings > Calendar Events. Additionally these options are present in the contact specific Further Information Fields in Settings > Contacts.

For any new and existing groups you can choose an icon and title to represent the group. This will sit at the top of the further info fields but can be dragged into any location once added to the booking.

To activate the title you need to check the box in the options on the right as shown in the screenshot above. You can then select an icon to represent this group much in the same way that you can select a colour in the picker, if you click on the name of the group you can edit it to change the text to whatever you like, hitting enter to save the new test once changed.

The default blue ‘plus’ icon indicates that there is currently no icon selected, if the title is selected with the checkbox in this instance the title will display without an icon.