We are excited to announce a major update to the Overture artist media pages.

The update includes

  • Embed Soundcloud & Youtube content
  • Multiple media pages for different content
  • Public / Private mode
  • Give your media pages a name
  • Links to social media profiles

The current content on your media pages will still be present, the image layout may display slightly differently due to the updated grid that incorporates YouTube and Soundcloud but we have worked hard to improve the display of varying size images, portrait and landscape.

New Features

Embed Soundcloud & Youtube

The first thing you will notice is that there are now editing options available in the header bar. This bar remains visible even when scrolling so that viewers of the page can see the Artist name at all times.

The upload icon now contains a new dropdown menu. Click to open then selecting your options opens a popup allowing you to add content.

Let’s add a Soundcloud track. Firstly head to Soundcloud and find the track that you would like to embed under the track click the ‘Share’ option. In the popup select the ‘Embed’ option at the top, here you can select how you would like it to appear on your page, when you are happy copy all the content inside the Code field.

Select ‘Add Soundcloud’ from the upload menu and paste the content you copied into the form field. Click ‘Add Track’ and Overture will add the embed to the page. You can repeat this process for as many Soundcloud tracks as you like.

The same process applies for YouTube videos, the location of the embed code is slightly different. Again click the ‘Share’ link then at the bottom of the popup you can find the ‘Embed’ link that brings up a much bigger popup where you can customize your embed. In this popup you can just click ‘Copy’ and then head back to Overture.

Select ‘Add Youtube’ from the upload menu and paste the copied content into the form field. Click ‘Add Video’ and repeat as required.

Additionally you can add further titles to the embed.

New Media Page customisations

We had many requests from our users for the ability to add additional media pages that they could share with different types of end user. We thought this was a great idea combined with the new public/private option allows you to create media pages for your artists that can appear in google searches whilst keeping more private information hidden from Google’s prying robots.

Again this option is found in the header menu. Just click on the ‘+’ icon and enter the name of the new page then click create. This will generate a blank new page for you to add you content too.

Over on the right side of the page you can then use the switch to decide if this page will be public of private. This will not create a password protected page but will allow you to hide the page from search engines so that you will need to send the direct link to anybody you would like to view the content.

You can then select from the dropdown in the pages icon that appears when you have more than one page.

Additionally to creating new pages you can also edit the page name. Click the pencil icon in the header menu and in the popup add whatever you like. Your page will then read ‘Artist Name’ then add the name that you gave to your page.

Links to social media profiles

Finally your artists social media profiles, added to their contact record will appear in the top right. This is simple to setup just add the relevant profile usernames via the edit contact screen in Overture and when you head back to the media page you will see the icon available at the top.

The social profiles currently available in this section are.

  • Soundcloud
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter